South Dakota Building Authority

About Us

The South Dakota Building Authority (Authority) was created and organized by Chapter 5-12 of the South Dakota Codified Laws (the Act). The purposes of the Authority are to build and otherwise provide hospital, housing, penitentiary, administrative, classroom, dining hall, fieldhouse, parking, union building, library, recreational, laboratory, office and similar facilities for the use by the State. Amounts issued by the Authority shall not be deemed to constitute a debt of the State of South Dakota or any political subdivision thereof. The Authority is a component unit of the State of South Dakota. As such, the accompanying financial statements are included in the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report of the State of South Dakota.

The Authority is empowered under the Act to acquire, construct, complete, remodel, maintain and equip buildings and other facilities as the Legislature by law declares to be in the public interest. To finance such projects, the Authority is empowered to issue and sell bonds or other forms of indebtedness in such amount or amounts as the Authority may determine, to refund and refinance its indebtedness as often as is advantageous in the public interest to do so, to pledge any and all income of the Authority and any revenues derived from such facilities or any combination thereof, to secure the payment of such bonds and other forms of indebtedness and to redeem such bonds or indebtedness. The Authority may also issue interim notes to finance any of the projects or perform any of the duties authorized under the Act, including planning, architectural and engineering fees, acquisition of land and purchase of equipment.

Concurrently with the issuance of bonds, interim notes or other forms of indebtedness, the Authority executes leases or lease supplements of the related facilities and sites with the board, department, office, commission or agency of the State which will use and operate the facility.


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